corner deskHi. I’m Jonathan.


I’ve always liked words.  Writing helps me define and organize things in my mind.  It seems a way to somehow capture experiences and preserve them for the future – hopefully do them some justice.  At the same time, writing is a continual challenge and learning process – an exercise in exploration and restraint that’s often both richly rewarding and very frustrating.

My writing life used to consist of me sitting on a tree stump in the woods scratching disjointed phrases into a Moleskine notebook that I hid under my bed.  I’ve come to believe though, that creative projects are inherently meant to be shared – that they lose much of their value if kept private.


Over the last few years I’ve written a number of essays about my personal experiences and observations – family legend reflections, New York City life, bittersweet motorcycle crashes, and coming to terms with the end of an athletic career – some have been printed in magazines, others published online –  many were never picked up at all and just live here on my website.


In the summer of 2019, I launched “The Empire Post,” a literary letter-writing campaign to 10 of my best friends. These are physical, hand-written illustrated letters each around 1500 words which are mailed with the intent to entertain and amuse but also be authentic and sincere about my experiences of day-to-day life and memories of a colorful past.  They will be posted on my website publicly with their illustrations. I am also launching a podcast by the same name later this summer.

The Scrap Journal is my repository of ruminations, experiences, the sights & sounds that I wanted to be able to remember and share in a certain way. Some posts felt better than others, but my hope is that they’re all true in one way or another and have a chance to resonate with my audience.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome your comments.