GQ May – color confetti, cover jumped my eyes up in the aisle
With that Gucci flower camo and J. Harden’s bright b-ballin’ style
Now I’m leafin’ through the ads – Tommy, Tudor, and C. Klein
But come on, Dior – you try too hard – a sneaker suit line!?
Oh I smell it where’s it at? – gimme that perfumed Prada page
Liquid musk and leather rose, damn right, I skipped to 38!
But now I’m back – the hell is this? – “21 Books” under “The Fix”
I warn you I’m a Classics fan, don’t bash my beloved creative Lit!
Oh wait, I’m with you, I concur – Slaughterhouse sucked by ol’ Kurt V.
But do you really dare, Vandermeer – to knock my Old Man and the Sea??
Now do show us “How to Wear It” – for this “wild style” make your petition
Ah Carhartt and silks adjacent – now that’s bold fashion juxtaposition!
You say May is full of music, wait – Leon Bridges knows I’m white?
And D. Byrne’s a solo act – but come on – Talking Heads tunes were tight!
Now I’m flipping through the flashes – Harden’s brilliant sleepy swag
And Gillibrand, I don’t vote, but do it, yes – you raise that MeToo (hashtag).
That part on food — I didn’t read it, but wait, hang on – if you’ll just listen
Cardi B on pages coming up – how could man focus on a kitchen!?
Oh hey now, here she is herself! – Yo what up, Cardi, heeeeello!
You’re not riding on a camel like you were in “Bodak Yellow”…
Bronx-born, new queen of rappin’, she moves cash with clever sass
Who else could win the public’s heart with the tale of implants in her ass?
Ok, ok I’m moving on – to suits and style and evolution.
Yeah Kravitz is a dope rock king and Brosnan’s an institution!
Oh hooray for human interest!  But I’m sad for, Artur S.
The man-child’s ruse and tragic twist, a futile academic quest.
Ah now we’re nearing the finale – how will Nelson bring it to a close?
— a male model’s blazing tiger eyes as Aqua di Gio hits the nose…
Not bad, not bad I’ll take it – a scented splash that leaves some room
For the summer thunder, pics and prose that’ll make up GQ June!